Propietor & Eliminink Technician

James has had a passion for removing tattoos since the beginning of the millennium. He has carefully studied the presently marketed methods of tattoo removal and their levels of effectiveness. After much research, James concluded that Laser Tattoo Removal and the Eliminink™ method were the two best options available for overall efficacy, safety and client comfort. James chose to pursue the Eliminink™ method as this gave him the opportunity to remove tattoos of all pigments as Eliminink™ is not subject to the same color restrictions as laser tattoo removal.

James’s professional career is primarily comprised of employee management and relations, communications, coaching and training. He has observed the professional limitations some body modifications have on qualified employees’ career pursuits. James endeavors to help all of his clients reach their personal and professional goals by removing excess visible, or no longer desired tattoos.

In addition to removing unwanted permanent makeup and tattoos, James enjoys the study of health and nutrition, voice acting, writing and virtually all things creative. He currently lives in the Lehigh Valley area.


Propietor & Eliminink Technician

Josh is an appreciator of art and currently studies photography as his creative outlet. His eye for perfection and detail set him up to be an obvious choice of practitioner to remove unwanted permanent makeup and tattoos.

Josh received his training to use the Eliminink™ Tattoo Removal method from the ACAS Academy of Cosmetic Arts and Sciences, a professional school for permanent makeup application and tattoo removal in FL. In addition to tattoo removal and photography, Josh enjoys all things related to fitness, nutrition, and hiking. He currently resides in the Lehigh Valley.