The Positives of Permanence

permanent-makeupPermanent makeup, also known as micropigmentation has helped many achieve a lasting look that they are happy with and feel confident about. Permanent eyebrows have helped restore some people who have dealt with alopecia and other health issues to wholeness. Tattooed lip liner performed by professional artists has helped many others achieve a more youthful appearance while reducing the need to apply daily makeup. If you have permanent makeup and are completely happy with it, this article is probably not for you. On the other hand, if you wish your permanent makeup was not-so-permanent–read on!


Unlike a body tattoo permanent makeup will be seen by its bearers several times in a day. In addition, it can be noticed by everyone who interacts with them every day. If your permanent makeup was done to perfection this isn’t such a bad thing. Yet many who have had poorly done permanent eyebrows or lip liner do not look forward to these interactions. If this describes you, consider getting your permanent makeup removed.

Permanent Makeup Removal

As with other tattoos many folks with unwanted permanent makeup went straight to the laser clinicians to have it removed. But according to

Most of the companies that once promoted the successful laser removal of Permanent Makeup procedures are now refusing the work altogether, stating that unlike regular body tattoos, elements in some cosmetic tattoos make them nearly impossible to remove and sometimes even darken or worsen the original tattoo due to pigment migration.

While laser removal may not be the best solution for permanent makeup, you still have options. You’ll be pleased to learn that Eliminink, the same method we use to remove body tattoos was initially designed to solve the problem of permanent makeup removal. So if your permanent eyebrows came out a little too red, a little too dark, or if they are simply no longer you–give as a call at (610) 252-2042 for a free consultation.