Erase the 'X'

If you find out that you just can't seem to let go of your former lover – mainly because his or her name is on your skin – don't let that get under your skin too. While 'in love' it's easy to think it will last forever and many of us find ourselves doing all sorts of things we later look back on and say, "Why?" Since the tattoos that celebrate them often last much longer than the relationships themselves, some may find that the final obstacle standing between themselves and a better, more wholesome relationship is the remnants of their previous relationship still on their bodies. If this describes you, perhaps it's time to Renew™!  Some might suggest covering it up with yet another tattoo, yet most new relationships would work best with a completely fresh start.  

Misspelled Name or Quote

There is an old adage that says, "It's easier to wear slippers than to carpet the whole earth." Likewise, in most cases it's easier to correct a misspelling than to attempt to rewrite the entire Webster's Dictionary.  Until recently, it was virtually impossible to change a permanently misspelled word that was inked to your skin.  Some may judge a misspelled word as a reflection of that tattoo artist, while others may simply judge the one who wears it.  Either way it's still a misspelling, and you might not want it on your skin.  

Peer Pressure, Then and Now

If one was a victim of social pressure and got a tattoo because they didn't want to look 'weak' amongst their peers, or perhaps got it on a dare, then that person most likely came to regret their ink quite quickly. But peer pressure doesn't stop at youth, it just shows itself in different ways.  So even if you weren't strong-armed by your friends into getting inked back in the day, you may feel uncomfortable sporting a tattoo that you acquired – even under normal circumstances – within your current social circles. While it's unlikely that any of your new friends will come right out and ask you to remove your tattoo, you may feel uncomfortable being around them with it exposed. Of course, if you seek removal be sure it's because you no longer like the tattoo yourself, or because you have greater goals in mind for living the 'tat free' life.  

Those Foreign Characters Say Something Different Than You Thought

Let's face it, tattoo artists are not usually linguists, translators or editors (and neither are tattoo removal specialists to be fair). Should you find those cool-looking Japanese characters that you were told meant 'powerful' a few years ago, really mean 'scrawny' in the Japanese language, you just might want to do something about that. Removing a tattoo isn't always easy, but we try to make it as easy as possible at Renew™.  And it's probably a lot easier for you to remove a poorly translated tattoo than it would be to avoid meeting Japanese people for the rest of your life.  

You are Going to be in a Wedding Soon

Whether you are the bride, groom, bridesmaid or best man, few things stand out more than an outdated tattoo on one who is dressed in contemporary, formal attire–especially if the colors don't match the wedding theme.  Rather than being a 'wedding clasher,' if you've been thinking about removing that ink anyway, consider consulting Renew™ to see if we can help you reach your goals for this special day.  Fortunately, wedding dates are usually set far enough in advance to give your removal procedure time enough to heal.  Is that why they always send out the invitations so early?  

You Just Don't Like it Anymore

Very few of us are playing with the same toys we did as a kid, or the same games we did as teenagers so it is natural for us to grow out of our appreciation for certain things as we get older.  Whether it is because your taste in art has changed, or just the desire to have art on your body has subsided, many have their tattoos removed simply because they don't like them anymore.  The reasons for not liking something that was once intended to be permanent are just as unique as the individuals making these decisions.  And you really don't owe anyone an explanation, right?  

Job Opportunities

Probably just about every list of reasons to remove a tattoo found on the internet is going to have something in there about employment so we didn't want to leave it out either.  With one out of every four persons having at least one tattoo, and only one out of every 10 persons being unemployed, obviously a tattoo is not a total 'deal stopper.' Otherwise, the unemployment rate would be 25%!  Much of the job-related removal reasons have to do with the type of work an individual wants to pursue.  Career interests often change long after a person's body art has been permanently acquired.  Some opt to remove their ink to simply open up a broader spectrum of career opportunities than what is available to them now.  Certain occupations, such as military and law enforcement, have tightened up their restrictions regarding body art in the last few years.  During more difficult economic times other types of employers may be much more selective with who they hire.  Being ink-free may give you an additional competitive edge for the positions that have no shortage of qualified applicants.