Remember that song that goes something like, “One of these things is not like the other…”?

At first glance we can all spot the word that doesn’t belong in the title since only a small percentage of the aging population are actually sporting tattoos. As for the ones that do, they seem to have so few of them that they are easily obscured by their clothing. We really don’t think of tattoos as “things old people do” the way we think of things like dentures, Geritol and Depends. Yet we are all people. All people age. And a day is coming when we will be senior members of our society whether we have tattoos or not. A good question to consider is: Will tattoos still be popular among the young when we are old? There is some good evidence to suggest that they might not be.

As we’ve mentioned in a previous article, tattoos have been around for thousands of years and have even been spotted on mummies. No doubt they will be around for thousands of years more as long as humans continue to inhabit the earth (or other planet). In our western world, until recently, tattoos had only been embraced by a small segment of the population, and there will likely always be a few who continue to embrace them. Presently we live in a peculiar place and time where tattoos have become a subculture, a lifestyle, and even a fashion phenomenon promoted by Reality TV and perpetuated by pop culture. Voluntarily chosen body modifications are more prevalent in our present society than any other time in history. Since all subcultures, lifestyles and fashion trends inevitably fade with time, there is good reason to conclude that the percentage of freshly inked flesh will also fade–to be replaced with other emerging movements that might be on the horizon now. Of course, these movements generally begin with youth.

Some experts claim that the new social rebels and non-conformists are refusing to get ink already. Educators on the West Coast, where most trends in the United States begin have observed that tattoos are on the decline amongst the college attending youth, with many teens and twenty-somethings already claiming that body mods are going out of style. Should this idea spread to the East Coast as the original tattoo phenomenon did just over a decade ago, within the next several years we could see our entire world turned upside down. The parents and grandparents may be the ones sporting the ink while the ‘rebellious’ youth are proudly showing off their ink-free skin–perhaps embracing another movement altogether. Meanwhile, tattoos, just like dentures and gray hair, may become yet another word that sets of the ‘old person alert’ in the minds of future youth.

But we have good news! It is already possible to remove the tattoo of your youth, so that you can stay youthful should the paradigm shift. While many have told us they wanted to remove their tattoos because they felt they were ‘young and immature’ at the time they acquired them, Tattoo Removal will still be here for those who decide they would like to remove their tattoos in order to attain a more youthful appearance. In fact, if you feel that the design or style of the tattoo you had chosen long ago is already beginning to show your age, or if you would just like to get a head start for the future–we can help!

Perhaps by the time we are old enough for senior multivitamins, our nutritional needs will be met through a new, yet-to-be-conceived technology instead, and perhaps medical science will have discovered how to regrow teeth in our very own mouths. If this is the case, then no one will be talking about Tattoos, Dentures or Geritol. Or will they still be talking about tattoos? Will they mainly be associated with the aging population?