tattoo-off-timeI hope you weren’t thinking we were going to say NOW or something silly like that. Safe and effective tattoo removal is something that requires some planning, and the best time to get it done is going to be a little different for everyone. So today let’s figure out the best time for YOU to get your tattoo removed.

Weddings, Reunions and other Major Events

If you are planning on showing off your ink-free skin at your next big event, then you want to allow plenty of time for healing, and also the number of treatments that will likely be required. Assuming you are planning to use the Eliminink method you will want to allow at least six weeks of healing between treatments and prior to the event. Let’s say you’re going to be the maid of honor at your best friend’s wedding in April of 2015 and the dress you are going to wear would reveal a tattoo that you no longer want to have. Of course, the best thing to do is to get a consultation right away so that an Eliminink technician can determination approximately how many treatments it would take significantly reduce the tattoo’s appearance. Let’s assume that your Eliminink technician advised that it would take approximately three treatments. Since each treatment will take at least six weeks to heal you will want to plan your first treatment for about 18 weeks prior to the date of the wedding, which would bring us to about the beginning of December, 2014. That’s why we recommend getting a consultation as soon as possible even if you don’t have any plans to remove your tattoo right away. Removal prior to major events does require some planning.

Time Off, Vacations, and Things to Consider

You might not have a big event coming up, but you just want to remove your tattoo for a different reason. This might require some planning too. For example; do you have a trip to the beach planned, or will you be spending a lot of time in the sun? If so, you might want to plan your removal treatments for after all of your fun in the sun is done. Why? Because keeping the treated area completely dry and away from direct sunlight will give you the best results, and the least risk of complications. Again, we still recommend getting your consultation right away so that you can plan your tattoo removal around all of your activities.

Another consideration is planning your removal around time off of work. Of course a removal procedure wouldn’t typically cause you to miss time from work, but if you have some extra PTO available you might want to take a few days off to make it easier to tend to the aftercare. It might also be beneficial to plan your removal during time off if your job requires you to wear special clothing on the part of the body you are getting the procedure (e.g. you are getting a finger tattoo removed and your job requires you to wear protective gloves.

Planning your tattoo removal can be an easy process, just consider some of the circumstances coming up in your life and take those into account prior to getting the work done.