About Eliminink

Does Eliminink work on all colors?

Yes, this method works with all colors of ink.

Why should I choose Eliminink over laser removal?

Purple, orange, yellow, certain shades of green and fluorescent tattoos are reportedly very difficult to remove with standard lasers, while Eliminink works with any color tattoo. In addition, Eliminink may require fewer treatments which could save you money over laser.

Does Eliminink hurt more than laser removal?

Our clients generally tell us that the discomfort experienced during an Eliminink session is about the same as getting a tattoo.

Will Eliminink cause a scar?

While scarring is a consideration for any type of tattoo removal, proper aftercare (keeping treated area clean, not picking at the scab, etc.) greatly reduces the risk of a scar forming. We are not aware of any reports of permanent scarring from our clients.

Are there certain skin types that should not be treated with Eliminink?

Some sources do not recommend Eliminink for anyone with Fitzpatrick Skin Type V or Type VI, or anyone who is prone to a keloids. You can get an idea of your Fitzpatrick Skin Type by taking this online quiz. Because we are concerned about the outcome for all of our clients, Renew will NOT knowlingly use Eliminink on anyone who has a Fitzpatrick Skin Type of V or VI, or anyone with a history of keloids.

Does it matter how big my tattoo is? Will Eliminink work with any size tattoo?

Eliminink is ideal for smaller tattoos. Eliminink is not recommended for tattoos larger than two inches by four inches at this time.

Treament and Aftercare

How many treatments will it take to remove my tattoo?

Most tattoos are successfully removed with only 3-6 treatments per area.

Will my tattoo be less noticeable right away?

The Eliminink method draws the ink to the surface of the skin where it forms a scab. Once the skin heals the scab will fall off. After the scab falls off the tattoo will be significantly less noticeable.

Is there extensive aftercare required?

Yes please visit Eliminink Aftercare

Can I do activities like swimming, etc. right away?

Like any tattoo removal procedure there are some activity restrictions that follow. Please visit our Eliminink Aftercare page for details.

Cost and Payment

How much does Eliminink cost?

Since everyone’s tattoos are different sizes and shapes, it is difficult to give an exact price quote online. Renew offers a free consultation to help provide you with a treatment plan and a more accurate cost estimate. Contact us at 610-252-2042 to schedule.

How can I pay for Eliminink?

We accept most major credit cards, and cash.