Eliminink Tattoo Removal

meets tattoo removal

  • A Comfortable, Laser Free Alternative
  • Effective on All Colors and Types of Ink
  • See Results with Fewer Treatments
  • Low Risk of Scarring
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Why Eliminink?

Eliminink™ was formulated by the people at Cynergy™, a trusted name in skin care for more than 15 years. Cynergy has been working with medical and skin care experts around the world to deliver quality, effective products to physicians and spas. Discover how the Eliminink™ method works and why our clients love it.

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Eliminink vs Laser

Since tattoos are designed be permanent, removal specialists work hard to produce safe and effective methods to fade them. One treatment may work better for a certain type or size tattoo, another may be better for the individual. Use this chart to help determine the best solution for you.

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Is It Affordable?

In many cases Eliminink™ costs about 25% less than laser as it typically requires fewer treatments. To offer you the fairest price possible we only charge for the area of skin that contains ink, regardless of how far the tattoo stretches across your body. We offer a free consultation so you will know your exact cost before you begin.

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See the Results of Eliminink

Before Treatment

After 10 Laser Treatments

After 1 Eliminink Treatment

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Remove Your Past

We all do things we regret, and many of us are able to live our lives without anyone knowing about the parts of them we’re no longer proud of. Until recently, those of us who bore visible reminders of our pasts had few options.

Perhaps we had to skip wearing shorts and t-shirts on hot summer days so we could cover our unwanted ink, or just had to endure the tedious conversations that would come up because of it. But now it’s the year 2015, and we do have options.

Renew Your Life

Many of us reach a point in our lives where we discover that self expression truly is a moving target. Since the self is always changing and always growing, permanent expressions on our bodies from just a few years ago may be inadequate to serve as accurate expressions of the people we have become.

Thanks to contemporary tattoo removal procedures, namely lasers and Eliminink™, your outward appearance can now reflect the inward, personal changes you have acheived through your more recent life experiences.

Reach Your Goals

At Renew® Tattoo Removal, we help you reach your personal, social, and professional goals by making it easy for you to eliminate your no-longer wanted body art.

Removing visible ink may open the door for new relationships, better career opportunities, and perhaps even greater personal freedom and a more dynamic self expression.